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Load Ya Boat is a universal bracket system designed for quick, easy retrieval of your aluminium boat at the ramp.
The unique winged design of Load Ya Boat won’t make your tinnie go as fast as Australia II did in the America’s Cup years ago, but it will provide you a fast and seamless retrieval of your boat onto the trailer without needing any assistance. You’ll be on the road home within minutes.
The distinctive winged design of Load Ya Boat is the key to its effectiveness in centring your boat on to the main rollers no matter what the conditions, wind or chop. No more frustration, ramp rage or annoyances to ruin the day you had on the water. 
 Load Ya Boat comes in two versions. There is the ‘drive ya boat’ solution, which consists of two winged brackets and skids, so you can drive your boat up onto the trailer. The ‘wind ya boat’ system, consists of a single winged bracket and skids, which allow you to manually wind the boat up onto  the trailer without needing help to align the keel with the centre rollers.
The system has also been designed with interchangeable brackets, rollers and fittings so that it can be installed onto 99% of boat trailers. The unique bracket system can be custom fit to your trailer with multi-angled legs and height adjustment to seat the system firmly to the to the hull of your boat. Load Ya Boat can be configured with 4.5, 6 or 8 inch rollers, and is suitable for all aluminium vessels up to 5 metres or 16.5 ft.
Best of all, it is easy to install. You will be able to do it yourself and have the job done in about an hour. From there, it will be hassle free retrieving of your boat at the end of every great day on the water.   
It’s too easy, with a Load Ya Boat

Prior to Purchase check the following:
1/ Measure your roller size. You’ll have either a 4.5, 6 or 8-inch roller set-up
2/ Check your roller brackets to see if they are double or single stems. If you have single stems, you’ll need to purchase clamp on brackets that fit to the chassis of the trailer. These are listed with accessories on the order page.

(Videos TBC. 1/ Taking boat off the trailer and getting it back on, 2/ installing parts)
Three easy steps to install Load Ya Boat
1/ unpack you kit and make sure you have the following:

  • The uniquely designed and galvanised Load Ya Boat winged bracket with stainless steel rivets. (The ‘drive ya boat’ kit comes with a two-bracket winged system.) We recommend the inclusion of purpose built aluminium skids lined with Teflon to get an exceptional result.
  • Depending on the size of your trailer, you’ll have ordered the 4.5, 6, or 8 inch roller with a galvanised spindle and 2 adjustable legs, including 2 bolts with locking nuts.

What you’ll need

  • Adjustable spanner/wrench
  • Hammer
  • Grinder or hacksaw
  • CRC/WD40
  • Marine grease

2/ To get the job done you’ll need to get the boat off the trailer. You can do that by either laying the boat down onto some old tyres or launch the boat at your local ramp and work on it in the car park.
3/ With the boat off the trailer, you’re ready to go.

  • Firstly, remove the old roller and bracket. It may be fused or rusty. Give it a spray with CRC or WD40, wait, then try get it undone. If it still won’t move, you may succeed with a hammer to loosen it, or a grinder/hacksaw may be required depending on how stuck the adjusting bolts are.
  • Once you have the old bracket out, place the arms of the winged Load Ya Boat into the adjusting mounts on the trailer.
  • What about the skids?
  • Get the boat back up on the trailer.
  • Adjust the height of the bracket to match the height of your side skids.
  • Once you’ve adjusted the legs to suit your trailer bracket, we recommend smearing grease on the bolt thread, so it spreads throughout the hole as you tighten it up.

Load Ya Boat was born in the way many new inventions or smart ideas come about. By people sharing stories about something not working properly.  In this case, two mates with a shared passion for boating and fishing, spoke of their frustrating experiences of not being able to get their boats back on the trailer easily after a day out on the water.
Steven Mead and Tony Cohen also work together, so Monday mornings often included a comment about the weekend’s ramp experience instead of the boating experience. It was the wrong way around. From Brisbane Australia, these guys have been in the trailer business for years, selling parts, kits and assembled trailers to people all over Australia and internationally. They had the resources on hand to give them a head start. They put their heads together to find a solution to the issue everyone faces at some point when retrieving their boat at the ramp. “Mate, I can’t get my tinnie to come up straight on the trailer. Can you give me a hand?”
The initial concepts involved the combination of several trailer parts to achieve the outcome. While the ideas were starting take shape, the multiple parts were cumbersome and complicated. It needed to be simplified, and they realised that a purpose-built design solution that was affordable and easy to install was the way to go.  
The draft design of the one-piece winged bracket system was aimed to guide the boat’s keel onto the centre rollers of the trailer no matter what angle the boat was coming in on. The prototype was made from scape steel. Sample after sample was put to the test. The design was refined, and the bracket strengthened to cope with pressure. It was tested in varying conditions including wind and chop and with further refinement, they discovered the ability to drive the boat onto the trailer with two winged brackets installed along the length the trailer. This allows you drive on your tinnie up onto the trailer without fear of damage. The final piece in the overall design solution was the inclusion of custom built Teflon skids to provide greater stability and the perfect outcome. Now you can Load Ya Boat independently without stress or frustration when retrieving your boat at the ramp. Also, check-out the motor-support bracket in the accessories section when purchasing your Load Ya Boat system.
Australian Musician, James Morrison, has been a dedicated boatie all his life. A quote he made to My Boating Life encapsulates for us at Load Ya Boat, why you never want your day on the water ruined by a painful experience at the ramp.
“The great thing about boating is how quickly it takes you away from the ordinary. A couple of hours out on the boat feels like a full day’s break and a weekend afloat feels like you’ve been on holiday for a week. No matter what the pressures on shore, when you cast off you can leave them behind and just enjoy being on the water. Boating is good for the soul!”
Get a Load Ya Boat fitted to your trailer. We reckon you’ll love it!
(Signed) Steven Mead and Tony Cohen

Diagramatic process


Loading a Tinnie on to its trailer in strong winds or fast running tidal currents can be difficult.


Not with LOAD “YA” BOAT! This unique system of rails and rollers automatically centres the boat on the trailer.


It means you can load with confidence in difficult situations with improved safety and less risk of damage.

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