We’ve all been there. Ordering parts online or over the phone, desperately hoping it’s the perfect fit — our very own Cinderella moment.

However, more often than not, you’ll find the part in question hasn’t been accurately measured, usually because folks don’t know where to measure from / to.

Annoying, but easy to fix …

By understanding and knowing your axle, you’ll be able to purchase parts and fixings with complete confidence, and minus the hassle. The axle is a sturdy shaft that must sustain the entire weight of the vehicle, cargo and passengers.

So, it’s pretty important you measure it correctly.

Below you’ll find a list of the main parts of your axle; understand these, and trust us, the process will be a lot easier...

Tip to Tip: Distance from each end of your axle
Face to Face: Face of one wheel hub to the face of the other
Chassis Width: Distance between the outside of each chassis rail
Clearance: Inside of tyre to outside or Chassis rail
Step: The outside edge of the chassis rail to the face of the wheel hub (on the same side)
Axle size: Thickness of the axle. And whether round or square
Offset: Wheel hub to the inside edge of your tyre
Tyre: Hopefully we don’t have to explain this one

It’s crucial you know your axle if you’re making repairs, and it goes without saying that if you do you’ll have complete confidence when purchasing parts and fixings.

Our service and manufacturing department is set up to build parts and accessories to-the-millimetre, which means you’ll get what you need, made with the precision you’ll rarely find elsewhere.

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