After 35 years of serving Queensland with the best quality trailer parts available, Active Fabrications has joined the digital revolution by taking the shop online. The store’s extensive range of trailer parts and spares will be available for you to search, shop and have delivered to your home of office from 1st November 2018.

We are really exciting, because Active’s online shop is unlike any other on the web. There are 1800 products online with numerous variations and a total of 4000 product combinations available online. This is unique due to the extent of parts and possible solutions Active has at their disposal.

Easily identify what you need, then you can either have it freighted to your front door or pick it up from the guys at the service counter.

Under the New company name of Active Trailer & Marine Qld Pty Ltd we aim to reach people beyond the Brisbane metropolitan area to offer our quality trailer parts, service and solutions to people who wouldn’t normally have access.
We’ve teamed up with TNT for the small to medium orders with a good price and prompt delivery ensured. We’re negotiating with several freight companies to deliver the best possible solution on those larger, bulky items at fair rate.

While we’ve set the benchmark for the most extensive range of quality parts at the right price, we know that there will be some teething issues while our systems settle into place. If you do experience an issue, please be understanding, let us know straight away and we’ll sort it out. We are confident that the online store will provide significant savings in time and cost. The intention is for it to be stress free, easy and cost saving for you, delivered to your door.

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